Harfun studio was founded by Abdur Rahman in 2005. Since then, Harfun has striven to retain a very high level of design quality and integrity. Through choosing the right clients and having a close relationship with all clients.

Harfun has taken flight with an optimistic eye on the future of Graphic and Multimedia Arts in Pakistan and the world. We are Harfun fascinated by technology devoted to perfection and obsessed with quality.

Harfun is a marketing driven creative studio that is focused on the success of our clients businesses. A company that combines the creative skills of a Design and Multimedia studio.


-----Brand Identity
-----Animation | VIideo
-----Interior Design
-----Event Planning & Management

For over 7 years, our dedicated team of professionals has shared the same goal to bring you innovative ideas that translate into exceptional design. Competitively priced for today's economy, we will work with you to establish the key design elements your business needs to succeed.

At Harfun, we deliver effective results. Our team of experts is focused on creating design that will work in harmony with your messaging to establish strong brand recognition.
Our design process is guided by our clients. On time, every time, we understand our clients' needs and are dedicated to meeting your deadlines every step of the way. We've never missed a deadline and we're proud of it. Go ahead, ask our clients.


2013 -----Book Design and Illustrations “Kinnaird Remembered”, Written by Mira Phailbus
2013 -----Designed Graphic for HBS, Islamabad, Pakistan

2012 -----Thaap Conference Lahore -----Title: Life in a Small Town
2011 -----Thaap Conference Lahore -----Title: Portrait of Lahore
2010 -----Thaap Conference Lahore -----Title: Historhraphy of Lahore

2012 -----Thaap Craft Training, Punjab -----Title: Strengthening Hand Embellished Fabric Value Chain
2012 -----Thaap Craft Exh Islamabad -----Title: Hand Embroidery
2012 -----Thaap Craft Training, Punjab -----Title: Strengthening Hand Embellished Fabric Value Chain
2012 -----Thaap Craft Exh Islamabad----- Title: Empowering People through crafts
2011 -----Thaap Craft Exhibition, Lahore -----Title: Cultural Expression
2010 -----Thaap Exhibition Title: Connecting People Trough Crafts

2009 -----Designed Display Penal for IPL Exhibition, PC Lahore, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity -----Extreme Play Zone, Lahore, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Ozone Designs, Lahore, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Rezwan Salon, Lahore, Pakistan

2012 -----Brand Identity -----Mehfil Restaurant, Islamabad, Pakistan
2012 -----Brand Identity -----Somkehouse, Islamabad, Pakistan
2011 -----Brand Identity -----Detox, Islamabad, Pakistan
2010 -----Brand Identity -----Addition café, Islamabad, Pakistan
2009 -----Brand Identity -----Ejaad Architect, Islamabad, Pakistan
2009 -----Brand Identity -----Zefra Restaurant, Islamabad, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity -----Attiq Estate and Builders, Rawalpind, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----A-Aisha Lasani, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

2012 -----Opening Ceremony, Painting & Animation for KPK Judial Academy, Peshawar, Pakistan
2012 -----Brand Identity -----Defence Apartments, Peshawar, Pakistan
2012 -----Brand Identity -----Dua Medical Complex, Peshawar, Pakistan
2009 -----Display Penal -----IPL Exhibition, PC Lahore, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity -----Deans Industries, Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity----- Legacy Pharmaceuticals, Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity -----Sudais Home, Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Brand Identity -----Cherat City, Peshawar , Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Naqoosh Consultant, Peshawar, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----UCAC International, Peshawar, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Green Hut, Restaurant, Peshawar, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Al Tabak Restaurant, Peshawar, Pakistan
2007 -----Brand Identity -----Humpty Dumpt, Peshawar, Pakistan
2006 -----Brand Identity -----Riwaj Shopping Arcad, Swat, Pakistan
2006 -----Brand Identity -----VIVO Cosmetics, Peshawar, Pakistan
2005 -----Brand Identity -----Demas Shopping Arcad, Abbotabad, Pakistan

2007 -----Brand Identity -----Huma and Kinza Designers, USA

2006 -----Brand Identity -----Pukhton Association, UK

Sculpture -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2002 Animal Trophies Sculpture for Officers Mess, PAF Academy, Risalpur, Pakistan
2008 Home Model for Sudais Builder and developer, Peshawar. Size: 3x4 Feet, , Pakistan

2007 -----www.aviaphone.com and www.aviawifi.com
2007 -----www.harfun.com
2005 -----Class silk Lahore, Pakistan
2007 -----Text Book Board, Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Green Hut, Peshawar
2008 -----Kamran Tea, Peshawar, Pakistan

Website Design----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2011 -----www.thaapcraft.com
2010 -----www.jalaatkhangame.com
2009 -----www.umbrela.com.com
2008 -----www.harfun.com
2008----- www.subkatv.com
2008 -----www.legacypharmacuetical.com (under constriction)
2007 -----www.aviaphone.com

Package Design---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2008 -----www.legacypharmacuetical.com
2007----- www.aviaphone.com
2007 -----www.subkatv.com
2007 -----Taj Bakers, Swabi, Pakistan

Interior Design-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2009 -----7 Heavens Store, Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Sungum Beauty Poulor Peshawar, Pakistan
2008 -----Hujra of Amjid Afridi (MPA) Kohat, Paksiatan
2007 -----Peshawar International Air Peshawar, Pakistan
2005 -----Riwaj Shopping Arcade Swat, Paksiatan
2007 -----Harfun Design Studio Peshawar, Pakistan

2006 -----Sea Animals for KTH Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan
2004 -----NBP Bank working plans our entire world, Oil on Board. Size: 8x4 feet for, Peshawar
2004 -----War (Zarbu He 1971), Oil on Board, Size: 8x4 feet, for 49 Artillery, Landi Kotal, Pakistan

2009 -----Walled City of Lahore (Badshahi Masjid)
2009 -----7 Heavens Store, Peshawar
2009 -----Jinnah a short Film
2008 -----Studio and office of Sungum Beauty Poulor Peshawar
2008 -----Hujra of Amjid Afridi (MPA) Kohat

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